What is sea moss, and what does it do?
Sea Moss, which is made up of 90% of the minerals and vitamins our bodies require for proper function, is a nutrient-dense algae. It has a firm texture and comes in green, purple, and the most popular hue, gold. Sea Moss offers several advantages and is frequently utilized to make gels with a wide range of traditional applications.
What is the best way to use Sea Moss?
Sea Moss can be taken in gel form, alone or mixed into your preferred smoothie, protein shake, tea or juice combination. When cooking soups and stews, Sea Moss Gel's textured and bland taste make it suitable for many other applications.

Sea moss

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Our St. Lucia Island Sea Moss Products are obtained from the island’s protected seas. Our Sea Moss Gel delivers all of the minerals your body requires in a dose of 92 percent. The following are some of our most popular flavors:

Black Currant Sea Moss
Mango Cinnamon Sea Moss
Apple Cinnamon Sea Moss
Spirulina Sea Moss
Regular Sea Moss
Bag Of Raw Purple Sea Moss

Chondrus Crispus, often known as Irish Sea moss, is a red algae found on the Atlantic coastlines of the Caribbean Islands, North America, and Europe. Due to Dr. Sebi’s lectures about sea moss’s therapeutic powers, sea moss has grown in popularity.

Our Sea Moss Gel

Made with Irish Sea Moss from the Island of St. Lucia, Organic Fruits, and Natural Spring Water.

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Black Currant Sea Moss

Black Currant, Sea Moss, Dates

$20.00 8oz

Mango cinnamon sea moss

mango, cinnamon, sea moss, Dates

$20.00 8oz

Apple cinnamon sea moss

apple, Cinnamon, sea moss, Dates

$20.00 8oz

spirulina Sea moss

blue Spirulina, sea moss

$20.00 8oz

regular Sea moss

Regular sea moss

$15.00 8oz

bag of raw purple sea moss

raw purple sea moss

$50.00 5oz


Top Reasons to Use Sea Moss on a Daily Basis.

High Mineral & Vitamin

Sea moss has 92 of the 102 trace minerals required by the human body. Vitamin A, B Vitamins, C, D, E, and K are all present in sea moss. It contains calcium, iodine, beta-carotene, bromine, iron, magnesium , manganese protein , sulphur compounds (selenium) and

Supports joint health.

Anti-inflammatory effects of blue lipped mussels help to reduce joint swelling. It also soothes the delicate tissue and promotes movement. Anyone suffering from Arthritis, joint discomfort, or athletes wanting to enhance recovery after strenuous exercise should consume this algae.

Thyroid function is improved.

Thyroid problems affect most women in their teenage years. Because the Thyroid controls hormone levels, an imbalance can cause fertility issues, menstrual difficulties, and/or fibroids. A shortage of iodine and/or selenium are usually to blame for these Thyroid conditions. This is where Irish Moss shines through. It has more iodine and se

Loss Weight

If you want to lose weight naturally without gaining it back, sea moss is the supplement for you. Sea moss blocks your cravings by making you feel satisfied when eaten. The soft laxative effect of Sea Moss aids in the processing of waste through the body more quickly and helps people to lose weight.

Improves the health of your skin

'Moss' gel-like texture of sea moss is a wonderful mask for addressing eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, burns, and other skin disorders. It's brimming with elements that your skin require. It's made up of natural collagen, which will help you appear more youthful.

Immunity Boost

Brown sea moss is an effective home remedy for cold and flu, as well as a treatment for persistent coughs and phlegm. It's high in polysaccharides, which helps the immune system stay strong. It also aids in the reduction of cancer and other chronic illnesses such as autoimmune disease by reducing risk.

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